Materials Modeling and Simulations Webinar - 25-01-2017



Modeling Coatings using MAPS Coatings are of great economic importance. Main functions of coatings involve decoration and protection of materials. Coatings are able to drastically increase the durability of materials, e.g. by improving the scratch or corrosion resistance. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how these types of materials can be studied with Scienomics' multiscale, multiparadigm MAPS software platform using the best-practices workflow of BUILD > SIMULATE > ANALYZE.

Case studies will include the simulation of

  1. Ceramic coatings
  2. Smart coatings
  3. Hydrophobic coatings rubbers

Anyone interested in coatings, polymers, and/or ceramics will benefit from this free webinar and Q&A session. We will be pleased to have you with us!


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